over 8 years ago

Announcing the winners

We just selected the winner of our Pick Your Prize: Nexmo Numbers CMS Edition Contest. Go to the gallery to see all the submissions and congratulate the winner!

Didn't have a chance to submit one yourself? No problem, we just launched the next contest - head over, register, and get hacking: http://nexmo-ecom.challengepost.com/

Tim (@tjlytle / tim@nexmo.com)

over 8 years ago

Final Weekend!

Just one more weekend to polish things up before the deadline of the Nexmo Numbers Contest! Keep in mind, you can start a draft submission even if your project isn't complete yet. That way, if it comes down to the wire, you're not feverishly filling forms minutes before the deadline.

And remember to include a clear description of how we can test what you've built.

If you have any questions, or need some extra credit for testing, be sure to shoot me an email. Have a great weekend!

Tim (@tjlytle / tim@nexmo.com)